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Cardispan 10 BOXES

Is an injectible Cardispan weight loss formula that is supposed to focus on specific problem fat areas. By using this product people can pinpoint areas such as the thighs, abdomen and hips to give them the shape they've always wanted.

10 BOXES (Limited Offer) 

Each box 5 Ampoules fall within 5 ml.

You must apply the Cardispan one per week or two maximum



Cardispan is a medication developed by the manufacturer Grossman, on the basis of levocarnitine, a derivative of the essential amino acids that we produce naturally.

In medicine, levocarnitine is prescribed when there are gaps or deficiencies in its natural production, generating, among others:

  • Heart Problems
  • Metabolism Problems
  • Muscular Dystrophy

Moreover, it is particularly useful for treatments against obesity and weight loss. Why  is that? Because of five wonderful reasons:

  1. It stimulates metabolic activity of the liver (by filtering and by eliminating toxins)
  2.  It controls blood sugar levels
  3. It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides
  4. It increases the so-called "cellular thermogenesis", increasing caloric expenditure, and thus resulting in an excellent "burning fat".
  5. It increases  general metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, i.e. it increases  calorie expenditure or energy. That is to say: it helps to loose weight.

Used in an injectable way, it has the advantage that it allows you to push localized fat, for example in hips, or other parts of the body where you want to recover the figure.

Losing weight is possible, and it can be simple: simply use levocarnitine, and trust always on the best manufacturers, such as Grossman, and its Cardispan.  Say goodbye to the localized fat!

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